Current Events

 Majalis Program: Shahadat of 4th Imam
Shab-e-Shahadat of 4th Imam(as)
Wednesday, October 26th at 8pm
*Taboot will be taken out*
*Nohakhwani by Shahid Baltistani Sahab*
Thursday, October 27th at 8pm
Friday, October 28th at 8pm
Saturday, October 29th at 6pm
Sunday, October 30th at 6pm
*Alam-e-Mubarak will be taken out*
Moulana Abid Bilgrami Sahab
will address the above majalis

 Upcoming Majalis: Shahadat of Bibi Sakina(sa)
November 3rd - November 6th
Speaker: Moulana Mehboob Mehdi Abidi Sahab



Dua-e-Kumail Program
Thursdays: 8:30pm - 9:30pm

 Juma Prayers
Fridays at 1:00pm

Ahle Baith School
Saturdays: 10:45am - 2:15pm

Hadith of the month

"Surely, the month of Ramazaan is a great month. Allah(swt) multiplies in it the good deeds, erases in it the sins and elevates in it the ranks." 
  - Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)